Corporate Catering

Chocolate truffles as coffee accompaniment

Looking to upscale the coffee at your business? We have a large scale of corporate clients who serve our chocolate truffles with their coffee.

Our chocolate truffles come single packed which makes it handy to serve with a delicious cup of coffee. From just 10 cents each piece and available in 10 different flavours.

It's a perfect treat for not only your employees, but also your customers or business partners during a meeting.

On volumes, we are able to print this foil with your company logo. With our logo we don't have any minimum order requirements.

Chocolates in your corporate restaurant

A fantastic cashier upsell product, or to give your employees a extra boost with chocolate?

Our 35g bag contains about 5 chocolate truffles and is therefore the best package to sell at the cashier. It's about the size to share, or to eat for the real chocolate lover during lunch time.

Our product are the perfect choice in case of sustainability. We don't use any palm oil in our products, all carbon offset is either reduced of compensated to zero, we donate 1% of sales to charity and all our packaging is biodegradable.

Private Label corporate chocolates

Looking for private label chocolate truffles in your corporate catering, or as corporate gift to your clients and relations?

We're able to make any packaging in our range with your company logo - or develop a new packaging based on your needs.

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